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               Musician Available - Drummer 6/1/2020---6:40:11 AM---

First Name:  Rick 
Last Name:  Rumfelt 
Band Name/Company:   
Address:     Map
City: North Port 
State: Florida 
Zip: 34287 
Country: USA 
Web Site:
Gender: Male 
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  • I am a seasoned, professional musician from the Fort Lauderdale area with many years of band, duo and studio experience. I've been the Drummer, 1st and 2nd Lead/Rhythm Guitar/Keyboards/Sequencing/Harmonica/Percussion's and Bass/Keyboards/Sequencing with Backing/Lead Vocals in all of those positions. I list "Drummer" first here because that's the opening that I'm hoping to fill with a working band. I've also enjoyed being able to switch between the Guitar and Drums positions with two bands, and I'm open to that possibility again. I also have a home Digital Audio project studio in which I've produced a few singles and CD's with other artists/songwriters along with performing/co-writing all of the instrumentation for the tracks. I've uploaded a video onto my Bandmix page ( that introduces a song that I produced with, and for, a former (1970's) Nashville artist who wrote it and asked me to finish it with a simple 70's/80's Nashville feel. I chose the video over an audio track so that you can understand the artists intent. Except for the chord changes, melody and lyrics, I wrote/co-wrote, performed and tracked all of the instruments and backing vocals that you'll hear in the song. The instrumentation includes Acoustic Guitar rhythm, 2 Electric Guitar tracks, Bass, Drums, Harmonica and Sampled Fiddle & Banjo (performed using my midi-guitar). (Here comes the legal mumbo-jumbo! "The opinions expressed in the following video's introduction do not represent those of the songs producer"). LOL So that you can get a further idea of my skill-level as a musician, I've also uploaded two of my recent solo-produced projects (rough mixes) onto my Bandmix page that and they are also available on my Soundcloud page at this link: As an alternate to here, I can be reached at rhrum@hotmail DOT com  
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  • Too many to list or remember. Mostly in the Ft. Lauderdale and Miami areas. Some also in Pennsylvania and the Rio Grande Valley of Texas.  
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  • My influences are: My father and Uncle Roy for recognizing and encouraging my natural ability to play the harmonica at the age of 5 and for including me in their private and public performances as a trio. Also my father again for buying my first guitar when I was 10. Yes (my mentors/teachers on all instruments and vocals), Steely Dan, Jimi Hendrix, Santana, Genesis/Phil Collins, Journey, Kansas, Starcastle, Toto, Chicago, Heart, Eagles, Gino Vannelli, Little River Band, The Allman Brothers, Crosby-Stills-Nash & Young, etc., etc...................... The list is just too long and varied to post here, but you get the idea! My growing equipment list: Roland TD-9 V-Drums, expanded (extra cymbals and tom) with personal monitoring system. Nady UB-4 Wireless Headset Mic. TC-Helicon VoiceLive Play GTX "intelligent pitch" Harmonizer for backing vocals (and the skill to use it correctly!). Taylor T-5 Hybrid Acoustic/Electric Guitar. Peavy Predator Electric Guitar with added Roland GK-3 Midi Pickup and matching GI-20 Midi Interface for triggering/performing any additional instrument samples through a Roland JV1010 Synth Module (which can also be played using my) M-Audio Radium 49 Keyboard/Controller. Line6 FloorPod Plus guitar floor pedal/preamp/midi switcher. Windows 7 Laptop and Tascam US-122 Audio/Midi Interface for playing self-produced audio backing tracks and "Midi Machine Control" tracks for automation of stage lighting and mixer/main effects if desired, (with extensive experience in programming and using this technology on stage).  
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