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               Musician Available - Drummer 5/14/2021---6:42:21 AM---

First Name:  Brian 
Last Name:  Williams 
Band Name/Company:   
Address: 247 Cemetery Rd.    Map
City: Salt Springs 
State: Florida 
Zip: 32134 
Country: USA 
Phone: 386-603-8002 
Gender: Male 
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  • 7pc. Sonor drums (8in, 10in, 12in, 14in, 16in, 22in & 14x5-1/2) Evans EC2 heads on all drums SKB Drum Bags Tama Iron Cobra 900 series Kick Pedals with case Tama Iron Cobra 2 legged Hi-Hat Stand Zildjian Armand 16in. Medium Thin Crash Zildjian Avedis 18in. Thin Crash Zildjian ZBT 18in. Ride Sabian 20in. Ride Sabian AA 15in. Thin Crash Sabian AAX 15in. Studio Crash Sabian 14in. Hi-Hats Gator Cymbal bag PreSonus StudioLive RM16AI digital rack-mount mixer Shure PG56 Tom Mics (3) Shure PGA56 share Mic (1) Shure PG52 Kick & Floor Tom Mics (3) Shure PG81 Hi-Hat & Overhead Mics (4) Mackie Thump 15s (2) Alesis MidiVerb4 Gator 6sp Rack Case  
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  • I am a dedicated professional drummer looking to join a gigging band. Mainly, I am wanting a turn-key band in which the band has all or most tunes in place and ready or almost ready to gig and make some money. I have been into playing music all my life to make a living and I enjoy it very much. It keeps me young (soul, body & mind). I am looking for a band has the potential and drive to be one of the areas favorite bands. I do not want drama or arrogance to get in the way of that. So, please, do not contact me if there are issues within the band that are not resolved. I have been playing drums for 42 years and take my position seriously but embrace the true meaning of having fun as a musician. I am looking for fellow musicians who are team players and embrace the same, as well as, possess a positive attitude towards the band. I have a very wide spectrum of styles and can play just about anything that is thrown at me from classic country, modern country, classic rock, hard rock, blues/blues rock, pop, funk, and metal. All of the above genres are my influence from 12 years old to present. I have combined all of the above to form my very own signature/style of playing. Don't get me wrong, I can still play the parts exactly as the original but I have a large library to draw from. I am an energetic power drummer ready to ROCK!!!. I am a laid back drummer with dynamics and finesse to countrify. I can groove the funky all day long. I NEED to play drums and cannot live without it (hence the screen name 'Liv4Drums'). I am looking for a band that can find the pocket, stay in the groove and not rush the song. I am willing to relocate in order to be within the circumference of band activities. Please message me here on BandMix or give me (Brian) a call at (386) 603-8002, Text: (607) 228-7505, or email me at liv4drums at outlook dot com. Thanks.  
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